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Digital Marketing and SEO

Digital Marketing: A businessman can only decide to invest in digital marketing if he understands "What digital marketing is" and "How the digital marketing works"

This article will not cover the subject in detail but it is intended to create sufficient knowledge to enable you to decide whether and how you can use it to increase the sales and profit of your business

What is marketing

It is an idea that has seemingly been around since the beginning of time (certainly, "Marketing" is an idea that has been around since the beginning of business) - and yet, one thing that is easy for us to forget when it comes to "marketing" is that the shape of marketing is constantly changing.

Traditional marketing

Within traditional marketing there are many subdivisions such as, magazines and newspapers, direct mailing, leaflet drops, billboard advertising, in premises marketing, brand development etc. With traditional marketing it is usual to develop a campaign which has a specific purpose. Costs are normally incurred in several sectors to create the campaign; therefore, a campaign usually lasts for a defined period of time

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing also known as Online Marketing was born with the emergence of the Internet - a term that perhaps meant nothing a mere ten years ago - has now become one of the most important forms of marketing in existence

Traditional Marketing v Digital Marketing

People are spending an increasing proportion of their time using computers and mobile devices to access and browse the internet. Further businesses which embrace the internet are largely growing faster and are increasing their profits faster than those which rely on traditional marketing. Many sectors in traditional marketing such as newspapers and television are in decline.

However, we recommend that companies should use both traditional marketing and digital marketing with the emphasis being on online marketing.

The businessman should consider both traditional and internet marketing and choose the one which best suits his business or decide to use both of them.

How online marketing works

In a nutshell Digital marketing is the act of creating an online presence that markets your business, product, or service.

In order to explain how online marketing works it will be necessary to describe an online marketing campaign. All campaigns are different but many will have common features and others may be more or less comprehensive.

The golden rule of online marketing is to provide valuable information (without sales pressure). Customers will buy when they have gained confidence in you, your company and its products or services. They are likely to browse the internet as a leisure option and they do not like online sales pressure.

Strategies and operational methods

These will vary from company to company but most will have their central website or websites which will be complemented by links and backlinks the social media and other communication platforms and techniques. We believe that most companies should combine online marketing with traditional marketing, exhibition marketing and reputation marketing.

Wise companies will also have strategies which should include damage limitation, PR, Press Releases and free advertising much of which is available on line.

A few observations.

  1. It is not difficult to learn Digital Marketing providing you start with a plan and you stick to that plan.
  2. Many of the routine Digital Marketing tasks can be automated, make sure you know what software is available and then use whatever is appropriate for your business.
  3. Try to avoid doing the work yourself, outsource it where ever possible, you will find outsource workers and companies on sites such as or They provide low cost solutions. It is often wise to break down tasks to their individual component parts. You may complete some of them and outsource others.
  4. We have free webinars and free newsletters which introduce you to online marketing and the associated techniques as well as vital software. We recommend that you should only purchase software when you are confident that you will use it.
  5. Many companies offer money back guarantees, be forewarned, the established companies almost always honor them but avoid the fly by night suppliers.
  6. Combine Internet Marketing with Traditional Marketing and Exhibition Marketing if you go to exhibitions.
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